Quality Management System


Pakelo Motor Oil S.r.l. Certificate n. 1501/98/S in conformity with UNI EN ISO 9001.

Environmental Management System


Pakelo Motor Oil S.r.l. and Pakelo Global S.r.l. Certificate n. EMS-5813/S in conformity with UNI EN ISO 14001.


Pakelo is committed on preventing pollution, safeguarding and protecting the environment and pursuing a constant improvement of its environmental performance rates with the aim to lessen the risks connected with its activity, products and services.

In conformity with the foretold commitments, Pakelo is going to pursue the following targets:

  • Granting the law respect on environmental matters;
  • Eliminating the eventual risks connected with environmental safeguard according with the past expertise and technical progress on the matter. In case risks cannot be completely erased Pakelo will commit on reducing them to the minimum;
  • Adopting an environmental prevention and emergency management plan;
  • Keeping on analyzing the production process and checking all the environmental aspects/impacts;
  • Sharing with the suppliers the company environmental policy;
  • Transparently communicating the company environmental sustainability performance to the local community, to the customers and to all the stakeholders in order to obtain and reinforce its reliability;
  • Improving the company waste management fostering recycling whenever it is possible.

Pakelo is committed to use to all the necessary technical, economical and professional resources to reach the targets. The environmental policy is widespread in the company and everyone is required to support it – for what might be concerned – to improve the Environmental Management System.

Pakelo guarantees the policy to be shared, clearly understood and applied through checking activities controlling the target status. For all this reasons, the company decided to operate and check its activities in conformity with UNI EN ISO 14001 law.