Allsint EP C
ISO 100
Product code: 0043.60
Fully synthetic lubricant for worm gear reducers, reduction units, gears and bearings even subject to high loads and working temperatures.

PAKELO ALLSINT EP C ISO 100 is a fully synthetic lubricant highly resistant to wear, specific for the lubrication of gears and reduction units also working under high loads and temperatures.

The product guarantees excellent thermal/oxidative stability and provides high anti-wear properties.

PAKELO ALLSINT EP C ISO 100 differs from standard petroleum, vegetable and animal origin lubricants, since it possesses the following particular characteristics:

–  Natural and Very High Viscosity Index: its Viscosity is less influenced by temperature, if compared to common petroleum based lubricants. Furthermore it is not affected by high mechanical stress and does not increase when lubricant is subject to oxidation;

–  Excellent fluency at low temperatures;

–  Very high chemical stability, even at high temperatures. Possible residues from decomposition do not cause lacquers nor varnishes. Furthermore, at high temperatures it generates much lower carbon residues or deposits if compared to synthetic hydrocarbon based lubricants;

–  High chemical inertia under normal working conditions towards common metals (iron, steel, yellow alloys, aluminum);

–  High compatibility with almost all natural and synthetic rubbers and gaskets; under low working temperatures it is compatible with Nitrile rubbers (NBR when acrylonitrile percentage is superior to 30%), while under high temperatures, around approximately 100° C, it is compatible with fluoropolymer (FPM or FKM) and silicon gaskets (VQM);

–  Very high anti-wear, anti-rust, anti-corrosion and antifoam properties;

–  Very high EP properties.

Fields of application

PAKELO ALLSINT EP C ISO 100 is a lubricant specifically recommended for the lubrication of worm gears, spur gears of rolling and sliding bearings, reduction units, etc., even working under high loads and working temperatures.

PAKELO ALLSINT EP C ISO 100 is furthermore particularly recommended for calenders and mixers of plastic materials whose cilinders get overheated at high temperatures, for machineries working on glass, for belt machines, for ovens, etc. and for all those applications when a specific lubrication with very high thermal-oxidative resistance is required in order to save gears/reduction units working under extreme working conditions.

PAKELO ALLSINT EP C series is available in different Viscosity Grades.
For the correct choice please refer to Constructors Recommendations and ambient temperatures.

WARNING: PAKELO ALLSINT EP C ISO 100 is not mixable with conventional mineral or synthetic lubricants.
In case the lubricant in use is mineral or synthetic based, it is recommended to clean carefully all lubricated parts before filling.