White Oil FU
ISO 68
Product code: 0117.59
White mineral oil of pharmaceutical grade.

PAKELO WHITE OIL FU ISO 68 is a medicinal and enological oil obtained with accurately selected raw materials, subject to special treatments to comply with the requirements of OFFICIAL PHARMACOPOEIA.

PAKELO WHITE OIL FU ISO 68 is perfectly colorless, tasteless, odourless and without glint.

Specifications and Classifications

Complies with the ITALIAN OFFICIAL PHARMACOPOEIA (FUI X) and it complies with FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) regulations for white mineral oils (172.878) and for mineral oils (178.3620a).

PAKELO WHITE OIL FU ISO 68 is registered for NSF H3 classification
– “Direct contact with food products”.


Available in different packaging and also in the spray version (1308.00) PAKELO NON TOX WHITE SPRAY (base oil viscosity ISO 68) with propellant listed in the FDA 21CFR 184.1655
and 21CFR 184.1165

Fields of application

Pharmaceutical Industry
Recommended for medicinal and pharmaceutical applications in the food industries and where there is the possibility of contamination with food or accidental leakage. It is used for the production of penicillin, laxative and ointment adjuvant in the production of tablets.

Plastic Industry
It can be used as secondary plasticizing component and as a lubricant. It enables a more homogeneous distribution of colouring pigments on polyethylene surfaces.

Paper Industry
It is used for glazing and soaking paper products, for oily wrapping for fruit in order to prevent its overheating, as controling agent of dust in paper sheets, and in the emulsions for making paper softer.

Food Industry
It is used as a divider to avoid that the dough sticks to knives, moulds, etc.
Used also for food cutting blades and as humectant for corks.