Vaselba B
Product code: 0125.00
White stringy Vaseline grease. Pharmaceutical petrolatum of special softness for use in numerous applications in the cosmetic, chemical-pharmaceutical and wine making industries.

PAKELO VASELBA B is a white stringy Vaseline grease obtained from highly selected raw materials and through a special refining processing.

Specifications and Classifications

The product is a pharmaceutical Petrolatum of special softness complying with the FDA regulations (U.S.A.) and the most important requirements of European Pharmacopoeias. Among them stand the Italian Official Pharmacopea (FUI IX Ed.) and that of Germany (DAB 10).

PAKELO VASELBA B complies with the characteristics required by NSF1 (National Sanitation Foundation) for the “Classification H3
– Direct contact with food products”.

Main properties

· high color stability;
· stringy aspect with low melting point;
· odorless, tasteless, with chemical and biological inertia.

Fields of application

PAKELO VASELBA B, thanks to its special properties of softness can be used as excipient in numerous applications in the cosmetic and chemical-pharmaceutical industries.
In wine making it is used to treat oak corks (wetting/soaking).

PAKELO VASELBA B can be found in several applications of food, paper, rubber and plastic industries.

Furthermore, other special applications can be rust prevention of battery terminals and protection/lubrication of hinges, pivots, etc..