Chain Lube Spray
Product code: 0147.00
Universal, multipurpose high lubricating synthetic based spray lubricant. It possesses high adhesivity, good water-repellency and resistance to high pressures and temperatures.
Specifically used for industrial chain lubrication, mechanic systems, hinges, rotary valves and mechanical components under high stress.

PAKELO CHAIN LUBE SPRAY is a universal lubricant spray blended from selected high viscosity synthetic base oils.
The product resists to strong friction and it is suitable for all applications and couplings where is high adhesiveness of the lubricant is requested.

PAKELO CHAIN LUBE SPRAY provides high water washout and atmospheric agents resistance.

Typical product working temperature range is -10°C / +200°C.

The propellant does not contain CFCs and it is a blend of denatured, odorless and no toxic hydrocarbons.

All the raw materials used to blend PAKELO CHAIN LUBE SPRAY comply with the requirements of NSF H1 (Incidental Food Contact).
For this reason, the product is suitable for use in and around food processing areas, as requested by FDA 21 CFR 178.3570.

Application fields

PAKELO CHAIN LUBE SPRAY is specially used for industrial chain lubrication, mechanic systems, hinges, slide rails and components under heavy duty conditions as windlasses.
The selected raw materials allow the product to be used as a lubricant with incidental food contact (H1).

Application Method

The product, only available in 400ml aerosol cans, offers the best results on clean and degreased surfaces.

How to use

Shake well until the ball inside can is free to move; shake occasionally during application in order to maintain the product homogenous. Spray from a distance of 15 cm at short intervals.