UTTO Fluid 4 D
SAE 10W/30
Product code: 0166.16
Multifunction lubricant for hydraulic controls, hydraulic and hydrostatic transmissions, differentials, final drives and axles of machines also with wet brakes/clutches.

PAKELO UTTO FLUID 4 D SAE 10W/30 is a multifunction mineral based lubricant formulated with selected additives that guarantee to finished product great performance in hydraulic systems, transmissions and axles of machines also with wet brakes/clutches.

Furthermore the product is formulated with special friction modifiers additives that enable to remove the stick-slip phenomena, and thus noise (“squawk”) and vibrations in applications where this phenomenon can disclose (self locking differentials and wet brakes/clutches).

Vibrations can be generated when the braking action is next to the stop of the vehicle. In the worst cases the noise can be detected during ordinary slowing down phases.

PAKELO UTTO FLUID 4 D SAE 10W/30 is suitable for all friction material types tipically used in wet brakes/clutches and it is effective in particular with the use of sintered discs.

The product guarantees high performance both in transmissions, thanks to high EP (Extreme Pressure) properties, and in hydraulic systems. In this case it helps reducing sludge formation and avoiding wear, oxidation, rust and corrosion.

PAKELO UTTO FLUID 4 D SAE 10W/30 provides the following main properties:

–  eccellent EP (Extreme Pressure) performance for a great protection of gears;

–  high thermal-oxidative stability;

–  high protection against sludge, varnish and deposits even in case of transmissions working at very high temperatures;

–  great detergent/dispersant properties;

–  good protection against bearing corrosion;

–  high compatibility with yellow metals sometimes present both in hydraulic and hydrostatic systems;

–  high anti-rust, anti-wear and anti-foam characteristics;

–  very good performance in hydraulic systems and ”Powershift” transmissions;

–  great reduction of stick-slip phenomena in transmissions and axles with wet brakes/clutches;

–  good filterability in hydraulic systems.

Fields of application

PAKELO UTTO FLUID 4 D SAE 10W/30 is a multifunction lubricant recommended for hydraulic and hydrostatic transmissions, torque converters, “Powershift transmissions”, automatic transmissions, power take offs, differentials, final drives, axles and hydraulic controls of modern industrial, agricultural and earth moving machines also with wet brakes/clutches.

The product is available in different Viscosity Grades.
For the correct choice please refer to Constructors Recommendations and ambient temperatures.


ZF TE-ML 03E / 05F / 17E / 21F.

Levels of performance

The additive package used has enabled, in the set Viscosity Grades, to overcome the following Specifications/Classifications: API GL-4, AGCO Powerfluid 821XL, AGCO Q-186 (Whitefarm), Allison C4, Caterpillar TO-2, John Deere JDM J20C / JDM J20D, Massey Ferguson CMS M1135 / CMS M1141 / CMS M1143 / cms 1145, Case New Holland CNH MAT 3505 (MS 1206/7/9) / CNH MAT 3506 (MS 1210) / CNH MAT 3509 (MS 1230) / CNH MAT 3510 (MS 1317), CNH MAT 3525 (FNHA 2-C-201.00 – Ford M2C-134D) / CNH 3526 (FNHA 2-C-200.00), Case MS 1207 / MS 1210, Ford ESN-M2C 86-B / 86-C / 134-D, Volvo VCE VME WB 101, ZF TE-ML 03E / 05F / 06K / 17E / 21F, Fendt (non Vario), Same Deutz Fahr (Same Transmissions), Renault/Claas (Renault Transmissions), Landini, Komatsu, Kubota UDT Fluid.