Sblocol Spray
Product code: 0186.00
Multipurpose, low surface tension hydrocarbon-based fluid spray. It guarantees high water-repellency properties. Mainly used as an aid to unblock jammed connections. It can also be used against rust, for lubricating and deoxidising.

PAKELO SBLOCOL SPRAY is a multipurpose straw yellow-coloured lubricant (mixture of hydrocarbons and low surface tension lubricants) mainly used as an aid to unblock nuts, screws, bolts and jammed connections.

This product does not contain CFCs and other ozone-depleting substances and uses denatured odourless nontoxic hydrocarbons as a propellant.

PAKELO SBLOCOL SPRAY shows the following properties and can be applied also as:

n anti-rust product for all metal surfaces: the product leaves a protective thin film on applied surfaces and frees rusted parts;

n lubricating oil for components under mechanical stress (electric appliances and small hinges, etc.);

n anti-oxidant for electrical systems;

n eliminates (moisture-induced) short circuits restores power & compression;

n high water repellent: PAKELO SBLOCOL SPRAY, thanks to its specific additivation, displaces water and moisture from surfaces;

n antifreezing: the product protects from temperatures inferior to -40°C;

n cleaner and degreaser for all metallic surfaces: it allows rust, sludge etc. to be varnished.

The product is suitable for working temperatures between -40°C and +150°C.

Fields of application

PAKELO SBLOCOL SPRAY is particularly recommended as multipurpose release spray and can be used for may applications such as anti-rust, lubricating, anti-oxidant, detergent spray.

Application methods

The product, available in 400 ml spray cans, can be effective with this quantity on a 30 square meter surface.

Application instructions

If applied as a release spray, spray PAKELO SBLOCOL SPRAY on applied surfaces, wait few minutes to allow the product penetrate, then loosen stuck parts with adequate tools.

With its special spray nozzle straw, it will penetrate rusty connections with ease for maximum performance.

To degrease surfaces, spray it directly on dirt, wait till the product displace grime and remove the excess bonding material with a cloth.