Multisint MBK
SAE 10W/40
Product code: 0401.17
High performance semi-synthetic lubricant specific for latest generation 4 stroke motorbike engines.

PAKELO MULTISINT MBK SAE 10W/40 is a special semi-synthetic lubricant.
It guarantees high performance, High Viscosity Index obtained with exclusive additives that provide high detergent, dispersant properties, anti-oxidative, anti-corrosion, anti-wear and anti-foam characteristics.

The product, thanks to the presence in the formulation of fine specially selected synthetic bases, shows superior properties compared to a lubricant formulated with mineral base stocks.

PAKELO MULTISINT MBK SAE 10W/40 provides high thermal and oxidative resistance; reduces evaporation losses (less volatility of the product) and formation of carbon residues when compared to mineral based product.

PAKELO MULTISINT MBK SAE 10W/40 is specifically formulated for keeping, also at high working temperatures
– typical of motorbike application
– the best lubrication film, the correct fluency between engine and transmission contacts.

Furthermore, it enables very easy start-ups and idling stability when the engine is still cold.

PAKELO MULTISINT MBK SAE 10W/40 thanks to its special additive package, keeps extremely clean engine parts and guarantees at the same time outstanding anti-wear protection of components such as camshaft and transmission parts working under extreme conditions.

The product is highly recommended also for motorbike engines with wet clutch lubrication. The special formulation of PAKELO MULTISINT MBK SAE 10W/40 guarantees the correct friction coefficient and thus prevents slippage during power transfer.

Fields of application

PAKELO MULTISINT MBK SAE 10W/40 is specifically studied for four stroke motorbike engines also of the latest generation.

PAKELO MULTISINT MBK series is available in several Viscosity Grades envisaged by SAE J300 Specification.

The choice of suitable Viscosity Grade should be done taking into consideration working conditions and Constructor’s recommendations.

Levels of performance