Erolube EP C F
ISO 100
Product code: 1042.60
Lubricant for worm gear reducers, reduction units, bearings and gears. It provides excellent micropitting resistance.

PAKELO EROLUBE EP C F ISO 100 is a lubricant specifically designed for the lubrication of reduction units and gears also of latest generation.

The product is formulated with high viscosity index solvent refined mineral base stocks and with special anti-corrosion, anti-oxidative, antifoam, anti-rust and pour point depressant additives.

Even comparing transmitted power, the most recent reduction units show smaller size and are subject to heavier loads and thus more severe working temperatures.

PAKELO EROLUBE EP C F ISO 100 provides excellent anti-wear and EP (Extreme Pressure) properties and does not corrode copper and/or copper alloys.

Its special performance package has been developed to confer to the product high resistance to conventional wear, such as scoring, scuffing, pitting, even in the presence of heavy and shocking loads and exceptional resistance to micropitting phenomenon, especially in gears susceptible to surface treatments that harden contact surfaces.

This phenomenon of micro-wear on surfaces, that can occur even on lightly loaded gear teeth, produces vibration and noises and can bring to a premature development of conventional pitting and scoring phenomena reducing life of the lubricated part.

PAKELO EROLUBE EP C F ISO 100 thus helps to prevent wear of gears and bearings used in reduction units in many working conditions; it helps as well to limit to minimum power losses and overheating due to friction while decreasing power adsorbing and increasing mechanical part efficiency.

Fields of application

PAKELO EROLUBE EP C F ISO 100 is a lubricant suitable for lubrication of gears and industrial reduction units working both with circulation and splash lubrication systems, even operating at high speeds and heavy or shocking loads. This product is recommended for any type of reduction unit with cylindrical (spur/helical) gears, bevel (spur/spiral) gears and worm gears and for all kinds of reduction units and applications subject to micropitting phenomenon.

The product is suitable for the use in gears and bearings of wind turbines, reduction units of extruders for plastics, reduction units in use in paper mills, steel mills, cement plants, textile, steel and wood industry, etc.
It can be used also in marine gearing, plain and rolling element bearings, especially in slow speed and high load applications, and in many further industrial gearing such as conveyers, agitators, dryers, fans, etc.

Levels of performance

US Steel 224, AGMA 9005-E02, DIN 51517 Part 3 CLP, David Brown S1.53.101,
Cincinnati EP Gear Oils, ISO 12925-1 CKC/CKD.