Non Tox Silicon Spray
Product code: 1307.00
Silicone based spray fluid suitable for food processing and handling machines when requested an anti-adhesive, effective sliding, anti-static and detaching agent lubricant.

PAKELO NON TOX SILICON SPRAY is a silicon fluid with medium viscosity, suitable for all food industry applications that demand anti-adhesive, slipping and descaling properties.

PAKELO NON TOX SILICON SPRAY is an NSF1 registered product according to the H1 Classification (Registration number 137173).

The propellant is a blend of low toxicity, odourless hydrocarbons; it does not contain CFCs and it is scheduled FDA 21CFR184.1655 and 21CFR184.1165.

PAKELO NON TOX SILICON SPRAY provides high anti-adhesive properties and is indicated in particular for wetting punch threading screws and mechanical parts in direct contact with sticking materials.

During rubber and plastic stripping, the product gurarantees excellent descaling properties and at the same time total no stains and no opaque surfaces.

PAKELO NON TOX SILICON SPRAY shows excellent slipping and good anti-static characteristics; it helps sliding of paper, fabric, polyethylene sheets on surfaces is improved.
Removes electrostatic action and prevents sticking of off-cuts, polyethylene and cutter dust, blades, needles. In this way the product facilitates cutting and sewing of manufactured articles (paper, fabric, hides, etc.).

PAKELO NON TOX SILICON SPRAY, only available in 400ml aerosol can, provides the best results on clean and degreased surfaces.


PAKELO NON TOX SILICON SPRAY is particularly recommended in food processing and packaging industries for generic lubrication with no loads and/or on surfaces where it is necessary reduce friction coefficient.
Recommended also for rubber and plastic material industry to ease product descaling.
PAKELO NON TOX SILICON SPRAY can be particularly used when ordinary aerosols products lead to tarnish surfaces.

How to use

For best results, spray 30cm far from clean and dry surfaces at short intervals.

(1) NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) is the most recent organization, operating since January 2000, in charge of the certification and registration of
products that can be used in the Food Industry and water treatment. For further details please visit .