Non Tox Grease
Product code: 1330.33
Food-Grade fully synthetic light yellow grease thickened with aluminium complex soap, for the lubrication of food processing and handling machines.

PAKELO NON TOX GREASE NLGI 3 is a fully synthetic grease (PAO
– PolyAlphaOlefins based) thickened with aluminium complex soap and designed for the lubrication of food processing and handling machines.

PAKELO NON TOX GREASE NLGI 3 is an NSF1 registered product according to the H1 Classification:
“This product is acceptable as a lubricant with incidental food contact (H1) for use in and around food processing areas.”

The product is light pale yellow in colour, odorless, with a high dropping point, good pumpability at low temperatures and excellent resistance to water washout.
Furthermore, it provides excellent anti-wear, anti-oxidative and anti-rust properties.
The synthetic base stocks used confer high thermal/oxidative resistance and allow the product to be used also under heavy duty conditions.

PAKELO NON TOX GREASE NLGI 3 provides the following main properties:

–  high dropping point;

–  superior resistance to high temperatures;

–  protection against rust and corrosion;

–  good hydrolytic stability;

–  good lubrication also with presence of water or other food liquids;

–  protection of bearings and gears from moisture;

–  suitable for lubrication of loaded bearings;

–  capability to reduce maintenance costs.

(1) NSF International is the most recent organization, operating since January 2000, in charge of the certification and registration of products that can be used in the Food Industry and water treatment. For further details please visit .

Fields of application

PAKELO NON TOX GREASE NLGI 3 can be regarded as one of the most multipurpose greases in the market.
It is recommended for all the applications that require high resistance to temperatures and mechanical stress even in presence of highly humid environments.

PAKELO NON TOX GREASE NLGI 3 is suitable for the lubrication of rolling and plain bearings.

The product can also be used to grease gaskets, joints, couplings, driver and sliding surfaces, etc.