Racing 2TS K
Product code: 1468.00
Fully synthetic lubricant for two stroke Kart engines.
Fuel-Oil premix to be done in ratios according to engine Constructors` Recommendations.
Not suitable for separate lubricators.

PAKELO RACING 2TS K is a fully synthetic lubricant specifically formulated to meet high rpm and high working temperatures demands of 2 stroke engines.

The product has been developed to allow the best performance in 2 stroke racing Kart engines.

PAKELO RACING 2TS K provides the following properties:

– suitable both for air-cooled and liquid-cooled engines;

– Low Ash additives to guarantee very high detergency, and control of deposits and carbon residues: this allows to avoid ring sticking, to maintain exhaust valves clean and to prolong functioning and lifetime of sparks. In this way power and engine throttle response are optimized;

– clean and low smoke combustion avoids dangerous pre-ignition phenomenon maintaining maximum RON/MON rating of fuel. Furthermore the lubricant can easily mix with gasoline and does not separate once mixed;

– fully synthetic ester based lubricant to provide exceptional lubricity and to reduce to the minimum friction within moving parts of the engine;

– superior anti-wear characteristics to extend bearing, cylinder and ring/liner life.

Fields of application

PAKELO RACING 2TS K is a product specifically formulated to meet stringent Requirements of both air and liquid cooled 2 stroke Kart engines. These engines usually work at very high rpm and working temperatures.

Thanks to its particular characteristics PAKELO RACING 2TS K can also be used for 2 stroke racing motorbike engines (track, cross, trial, enduro, etc.).

Fuel-Oil premix has to be done in ratios according to engine Constructors` Recommendations, tipically changing from 2% to 8%.
In case of experimental tests it is recommended not to use extremely lean fuel/lubricant mixtures even if mechanical parts such as exhaust valve or cylinder head result clean also after severe working conditions.

PAKELO RACING 2TS K is not suitable for separate lubricators: Fuel-Oil mixture has always to be done before filling fuel tank.

Furthermore the product is not suitable for engines working with methanol or alchool based fuels.


It is strongly recommended to SHAKE WELL THE PRODUCT before mixing it with fuel.

Levels of performance

CIK-FIA / 2014 HOMOLOGATION – Reference 113395/01