Red Antifreeze L.L. Pronto -36
Product code: 4100.00
Innovative extended life antifreeze/coolant, highly biodegradable, for radiators and cooling circuits. Red coloured, based on ethylene glycol, free from silicates, borates, amines, nitrites and phosphates, it ensures optimum protection against freezing/boiling and avoids the phenomenon of corrosion for longer periods when compared to conventional coolants.
Ready to use, pre-mixed with demineralized water.

PAKELO RED ANTIFREEZE LONG LIFE PRONTO -36, magenta coloured, is an innovative anti-freeze/coolant, highly biodegradable, obtained with a new carboxylic acid based technology free from silicates, borates, amines, nitrites and phosphates.

Mono Ethylene Glycol based coolant (MEG), PAKELO RED ANTIFREEZE LONG LIFE PRONTO -36 guarantees excellent freeze protection and minimizes summer boil over.

Some conventional coolants leave silicate dropout and deposits in the cooling system, disrupting in this way working conditions and above all the cooling system life.
Through its special inhibitors the product protects all metallic engine components against corrosion for a period superior to that of conventional coolants.
Water, generally used for engine cooling fluids, has limitations particularly in terms of freezing and boiling point temperatures. This products allows to extend such limits in use both at high working temperature and at low start-up temperature.

PAKELO RED ANTIFREEZE LONG LIFE PRONTO -36 is a ready to use product for cooling systems (FREEZE PROTECTION -36°C).

Thanks to its inhibitors, it provides the following performance:
–  freeze protection up to -36°C;
–  superior anti-corrosion protection for longer periods and for all metallic components of the engine (aluminium, ferrous alloys, etc.);
–  higher boiling point;
–  better anti-cavitation performance even without the use of further specific additives;
–  ready to use, pre-mixed with deionized/demineralized water.

PAKELO RED ANTIFREEZE LONG LIFE PRONTO -36 is not aggressive towards any kind of metal, including those that are more easily attacked by acids, such as copper and solder.
Furthermore it protects aluminium, a metal which is increasingly being used by car manufacturers in the construction of engine parts, radiators and cooling fluid circulation pumps.

This product guarantees as well the greater reliability for the protection of all non-metal materials found in cooling circuits, such as radiators hoses and plastics; furthermore it does not cause swelling to the rubber parts in the cooling circuit.
It can be mixed with other types of ethylene glycol fluids, even though we recommend to use only PAKELO RED ANTIFREEZE LONG LIFE PRONTO -36 in order to maintain the best performance of the product.

Please follow OEM’s Recommendations for maximum drain intervals.

Fields of application

PAKELO RED ANTIFREEZE LONG LIFE PRONTO -36 is particularly recommended for cooling systems and heat exchange of new generation engines for which an efficient aluminium protection at high temperatures is essential.

It is thus indicated for cars, vans, heavy duty vehicles, earth moving machines, buses, etc. and for aluminium and/or cast iron and/or copper alloy cooling systems.
The product it is also recommended for previous generation engines.

Levels of performance

For more information please refer to Technical Data Sheet of the CONCENTRATE product, not pre-mixed.