Easy Clutch
Product code: 4284.00
Concentrated friction modifier additive with Extreme Pressure (EP) characteristics. It reduces friction, working temperatures and mechanical noises. Recommended for wet brakes/clutches (up to 7%), self-locking differentials (10%) and hydraulic systems (3%).

PAKELO EASY CLUTCH is a friction modifier additive concentrate designed specifically for wet brakes/clutches, self-locking differentials and hydraulic systems.

PAKELO EASY CLUTCH is an excellent solution in order to decrease friction, working temperatures and noise.

Thanks to its superior EP (Extreme Pressure) properties, PAKELO EASY CLUTCH prevents metal to metal contact, protects surfaces under friction from seizure, scoring or pitting.

PAKELO EASY CLUTCH, next to reducing friction coefficient, guarantees friction coefficient stability and thus provides constant performance also under heavy duty conditions (i.e., high temperatures and high pressure).

During operation, PAKELO EASY CLUTCH provides sealing effect and protects metallic surfaces from oxidation and contamination.

The formulation does not contain either abrasive or corrosive substances.

Fields of application

PAKELO EASY CLUTCH is recommended for self-locking differentials, axles with wet brakes and/or clutches in order to reduce stick-slip phenomenon and thus noise during steering or braking phases (vehicle slowing down or pulling up).

PAKELO EASY CLUTCH can also be used to reduce successfully gear house chatter in transmissions and hypoid gear couplings.

PAKELO EASY CLUTCH is also recommended for improving uniformity, working precision and life of hydraulic systems.

The product provides excellent sealing properties, longer life of gaskets, valves and pumps.
Protects the systems, significantly reduces
start-up friction and pulling up motion.