Krypton FXT F
SAE 5W/30
Product code: 4442.45
Synthetic lubricant for latest generation gasoline and Diesel engines that require “fuel economy” products.

PAKELO KRYPTON FXT F SAE 5W/30 is a new generation synthetic lubricant formulated with selected high quality base stocks and exclusive additives that confer to the product high detergent, dispersant, anti-oxidative, anti-corrosion, anti-wear and antifoam properties.

The synthetic bases used reduce product volatility, oxidation and formation of carbon residues.

This enables PAKELO KRYPTON FXT F SAE 5W/30 to provide extraordinary anti-oxidative properties and to avoid formation of deposits also under high working temperatures.

The low volatility of synthetic bases results into a very significant reduction of oil losses caused by evaporation.

The SAE Viscosity Grade 5W/30 guarantees the correct viscosity for the most severe climatic conditions: this means easy and safe start-ups at very low temperatures (also at -30°C) and reduction of wear risks to minimum.

PAKELO KRYPTON FXT F SAE 5W/30 is specifically developed for engines requiring “fuel-economy” lubricants.Thanks to the special viscosity properties and to special Friction Modifier additives, the use of the product can result into fuel savings and a prompt reply of the engine, making functioning soft and uniform.

Furthermore the product improves protection of all modern engines guaranteeing longer life of post-treatment devices used in modern cars or vans.

PAKELO KRYPTON FXT F SAE 5W/30 can be used to extend oil drain intervals, according to Constructors’ Recommendations.

Oil drain intervals are usually specified by OEMs and/or on-board electronic devices of latest generation vehicles; their recommendations should be taken into consideration to guarantee engine reliability.

PAKELO KRYPTON FXT F SAE 5W/30 is perfectly compatible with all the lubricants that have the same application. However, we recommend to avoid mixing it with other products for not undermining its exceptional properties.

Fields of application

PAKELO KRYPTON FXT F SAE 5W/30 has been specifically developed for gasoline and Diesel engines, also using direct injection systems, that require “fuel-economy” lubricants.

If compared to type “ACEA A1/B1” lubricants, the product provides enhanced anti-oxidative characteristics by avoiding oil thickening and guarantees better cleanness and deposit control.

PAKELO KRYPTON FXT F SAE 5W/30 is a specific product for engines requiring lubricants with ACEA A1/B1 or ACEA A5/B5 and Ford WSS-M2C 913-A, 913-B, 913-C or 913-D performance levels also working under severe conditions and/or long drain intervals.

The product is not suitable for engines requiring lubricants with ACEA A3/B3 or ACEA A3/B4 performance levels.

Levels of performance

ACEA A5/B5, Ford WSS-M2C 913-C / 913-D.