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What is it that distinguishes work from art? The answer is one: quality. To make something with art means doing it the best way. It means that what is produced excels compared to the other products of the same genre. Pakelo make made to measure lubricant oils as a tailor makes clothes. They are made to measure. In order to get these results it has always invested a lot in research activities, valorising men and machines that work on the fine detail that has permitted the development of lubricants especially for clients who require very high quality performance. Experience, talent, competence, and it’s still not sufficient: to get to where the others don’t, to make the difference, it’s necessary to have something else: fantasy, imagination, determination. This is what contradistinguishes the Pakelo brand from all the others.

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Le mitiche sport a Bassano

Le Mitiche Sport a Bassano 2015

We took part to one of the most beautiful and important Italian classic car rallies: Le Mitiche Sport a Bassano, which collects Barchettas exemplars from all over the world! Read the report of our adventure through the Dolomites in the company of stunning cars and friendly people!


Pakelo brand restyling

Pakelo has been producing and exporting lubricants worldwide for many years. The internationalization process brought the company to evolve the brand image through time. Here are the latest news!



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